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The Ultimate Home Buyer Checklist

Are you a first time home buyer looking to begin your search? Having a home buyer checklist is the key to a seamless and successful home buying experience.

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What to look for when buying a house

Looking for a new home isn’t like shopping for groceries or searching for a new pair of shoes. Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will

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2022 is the Best Time to Sell Your Home in Raleigh and Here’s Why

There’s no doubt we’ve been living in a seller’s market for the past year or so, and according to experts, this trend may be coming

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6 Questions to Ask When Selling Your Home

Typically, the best time to sell your home is in the spring and summer months. Housing demand is typically high during these seasons, not to mention home tours and open houses are much more

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Why Raleigh-Durham is One of the Best Places to Live in the Nation

Did you know Raleigh-Durham was ranked 2nd Best Place to Live in the Nation for 2021-2022 according to the U.S. News & World Report? Raleigh,

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7 Benefits of Owning a House

Have you ever wondered why people choose to buy a home rather than rent? Sure, it’s certainly cheaper over time – especially with the way rent prices are skyrocketing – but there may be more to it than you realize.

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